Gamification method in teaching English during COVID 19


  • Luh Mila Trisna Dewi STKIP Agama Hindu Singaraja
  • Ni Wayan Monik Rismadewi


Facilitating learning in the middle of pandemics is challenging. During the strict isolation, teachers’ creativity is needed to keep students learning. Gamification is a method that can be applied in online learning. Previous studies show this method positively impacts students’ motivation and engagement in the classroom. This study aims at investigating how the method is carried out by teachers; how it is integrated with technology and the challenges faced by teachers.  This study is a literature review. It means the data were taken from several related literature and research. The result of the study shows that the gamification method is done by following five steps such as setting the lesson and class objectives, arranging activity, selecting resources, and implementing the game. The most famous platform used by teachers is Kahoot. The challenges during the implementation include the teachers’ lack of training, the lack of school facilities and infrastructure, and students' attitude.




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