The improvement of students’ self-confidence in learning English


  • Andre Anda Resta
  • Syahrul
  • Nelviza Syafri


self-confidence, learning English, action research


Confidence has an important role for students when learning. Confidence can affect student learning achievement, especially in English lessons. This research was made to help students increase their self-confidence when learning English. The type of this research is Classroom Action Research (CAR). This type of research is used because the researchers have their own class that can be studied. The sample used in this study was 7th-grade students at SMP Negeri 2 Kamang Magek. The data in this study were obtained while the researchers were teaching the class. The data were analyzed qualitatively to be interpreted as a conclusion. The final results of this study reveal the importance of self-confidence in students and ways or efforts to increase students' self-confidence in learning English.




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