Icebreaking function in English learning at SMPN 2 Kamang Magek


  • Dhyva Vhabiolina UIN SMDD Bukittinggi
  • Merry Prima Dewi
  • Nila Suryani


ice breaking, learning English, students’ enthusiasm


Ice breaking is essential in the learning process. The goal of this study is to describe how important it is to use icebreakers at the start of a lesson or even in between lessons. The research method used in this study is qualitative, with data gathered through observation, interviews, and documentation. In this study, the data were analyzed in three ways: data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. According to the findings of this study, ice-breaking is crucial because with so many subjects to study, students will become bored, which will interfere, with the learning process. The existence of this icebreaker will assist in refreshing the students' brains and minds. Furthermore, it will help students to be more focused and enthusiastic about returning to school.




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